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The following events are organized by date. You can also view events by topic.     Non-SNTC events can be viewed here.

Look for the Continuing Education icon or Continuing Education icon to find continuing education opportunities.

If you experience difficulty registering for a course, please contact SNTC at 888-265-SNTC.

Available Webinars
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 TB-HIV/AIDS - Ongoing Challenges in the USA
 Pediatric TB Session 1 - Epidemiology and Pathogenesis of Childhood TB: How are kids different?
 Pediatric TB Session 2 - Latent Tuberculosis Infection: Who, How, When, and Why?
 Pediatric TB Session 3 - Pediatric Tuberculosis Clinical Manifestations and Evaluation
 Pediatric TB Session 4 - Treatment and Control of Pediatric Tuberculosis
 Effective Lab/Program Partnerships: Obtaining Powerful Results
 TB History May 9, 2007 - Grand Rounds John Bass, MD Slides Dan Ruggiero Slides
 Collaborative Case Conference January 17, 2007 - Grand Rounds
 Fluoroquinolones and Tuberculosis October 25, 2006 - Grand Rounds
 The Future of Public Health Education April 19, 2006 - Grand Rounds
 Molecular Epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
 Corrections and TB: Understanding Inmate Movement - Where Did They Go?

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